SMART wants to co-work with R&D and design and manufacturing partners based on RFID/IoT/antenna technologies!


「SMART Technologies」

Dr.Arimura: The world first IC card Inventor and the antenn technology specialist. His invented UHF ring antenna was adoped to NHK broadcasting as the standard antenna. The latest technology is Super IC Tag for Metal environment Label type and Water proof type are available in the market. Ultra micro antenna for microSD or SIM is now under development.

SMART IoTーTechnology Breakthrough

Ultra micro antenna for SIM

@SMART Antenna Technology revolution !
           ( for SIM,μSD and New RFID)           

Although the inside of the world is progressing with the subject of a smart devices and a smart community, While Dr. Arimura, CEO of Smart, Inc. invented an IC card principle for the first time in the world alomst 40years ago. He aims to rearize the networked society centering on ID and in cooperation with world wide partners, he made full use of an antenna theory and electric field magnetic field theory. Dr.Arimura holds unique technology, research and development by standing on a global view of smart device business. As you know well,Dr.Arimura is so famous for global invention of IC smart card whichi is used for banking card, a credit card, and non-contact IC cards (SUICA etc.). I would like to propose to work and to develop together with world wide partners who are interested in the technical fusion of your device and special antenna technologies with @SMART.